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How to find exported symbols in Windows dlls

Posted by peeterjoot on September 5, 2012

One liner:

WSDB::E:\snap\> dumpbin /exports db2app64.dll | grep DiagWhat
        510  212 00BD1152 pdDiagWhatIsRc = pdDiagWhatIsRc

This isn’t an nm equivalent, instead is more like the AIX command to dump just the exported symbols from a shared object (dump -TvHX32_64), but enough to tell me that I shouldn’t have a link error this iteration of my build.

I found it curious that ‘dumpbin /symbols’ didn’t produce any output for this dll, as is does for a .obj file, and don’t really know what the reason for that is.

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Disabling that irritating windows reboot now dialogue.

Posted by peeterjoot on May 14, 2010

I found the following blog post about the awful childish nagging reboot prompter a while back:

XP Automatic Update Nagging

For Windows XP, I found only this one worked:

d:\peeterj> net stop "automatic updates"
The Automatic Updates service is stopping.
The Automatic Updates service was stopped successfully.

You can do this after the installer update virus kicks in, and then work in peace until you feel like rebooting. I do a shutdown instead of hibernation at the end of the work day after crippling the nagging modal dialog box, then I don’t have to take the 20 minute reboot cost until it is convenient(er).

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