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CAA telemarketers are really hard to scare away

Posted by peeterjoot on August 31, 2013

I’m sorry in advance to any homosexual (or heterosexual) individuals that are offended by the following dialogue.

My attempt to engage a CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) telemarketer in an anthrax for weapons deal bombed badly, but I thought that I’d have at least been blacklisted from sales calls after that.  This morning, I found that this wasn’t the case, and it provided the opportunity for more play.

This morning David (who sounds like a friendly older man), calling on behalf of the CAA, called me for the next round of the game.  I recognized his voice from the last CAA sales call, but he may not have recognized mine, since I was attempting flagrant over the top Hollywood style male homosexual voice affectations. 


Our conversation went something like this (although I think I’ve forgotten part of it) :


CAA: “Hello, this is David, calling from the CAA”

“Oh, hello David.  You sound like a strapping young man!”

CAA: “I’m calling from the Canadian Automobile association.”

“Mmm, would you like to come over to play?”

CAA: “We are offering a two for one deal.”

“Ohhh, a two for one?  I’d love to have a two for one with you”

CAA: “[Silent Pause].  For quality assurance purposes, can I confirm that your address is …”

“Oh, yes.  That’s my address.  Would you come over to play?”

CAA: “Okay.  Goodbye.”


I’d learned the voice affectations fairly well when I was a teenager since my mother played piano and sang in a few downtown gay bars.  She developed a number of friendships that extended outside of her work environment, so I was exposed enough voices to be able to do a decent imitation.  My girlfriend, who hadn’t heard me do this sort of impressionism, had listened in with horror and shock, stating after the call: “Who are you?  You did that too easily!  Do I even know you?”

I have deep respect for David, who in two separate scenarios has proved himself completely unflappable.  He is able to maintain a calm and businesslike manner, no matter what is said to him.

Next steps?

I’m once again out of ideas for the next telemarketing call, but they can be so much fun. 

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Voting with my wallet: no more shopping at Walmart

Posted by peeterjoot on August 27, 2013

Having just finished John Perkin’s “Hoodwinked: An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why the Global Economy IMPLODED — and How to Fix It”, I’ve decided that my first step at implementing his conscientious purchasing suggestions is to not shop at Wal-Mart.  It is really hard to avoid hearing about the exploitive practices of this company, like their failure to back the most minimal safety standards in the Bangladesh factories that manufacture their goods, for refusing to pay for repairs of these factories, and the treatment of their domestic employees.  I recall hearing many such instance of their domestic misbehaviour documented on democracy now, for example their threatening store closures if local wages are allowed to increase.  This is also a company that very negatively impacts local economies, and is likely responsible for the deaths of many small community stores that cannot compete against policies based on exploitation.

So, I’m starting very small, and explicitly avoiding the convenience of this store, that is geographically very close: I’d seen footballs at rock bottom prices at Wal-Mart before, but opted not to get it there, waiting for an alternate place to purchase it.  I ended up buying at Canadian Tire.  While I have to admit that I currently don’t know about the business practises of Canadian Tire, at least this choice does not result in Wal-Mart, a company blatantly abusive domestically and around the world, from getting a cut.  Perhaps only Nike has a worse than Wal-Mart reputation for abusiveness, so I think this is a fair starting place at sustainable purchasing.

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Articles and documents associated with peeterjoot.wordpress search results: Aug/2013

Posted by peeterjoot on August 25, 2013

The wordpress admin screen provides some search statistics.  It’s occasionally interesting to take a peek at what gets hits, and I’ve categorized some of them, adding some links to some of the content that those searchers could have been looking for.  Because I aggregate many of my blog posts into larger book like pdfs, those are listed where available.

just\s*energy|ontario energy: 6381
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fence|sync|barrier|atomic|lwarx|stwcx: 1734
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    performance atomic fetch and add lock memory bus    119
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    __sync_lock_test_and_set sample    27
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gdb|scheduler-locking|dbx: 1102
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    gdb paging    139
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    gdb pause    76
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    set scheduler-locking on    57
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    aix dbx calling    13
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    gdb thread lock    12
    gdb find thread    12
    gdb pager off    12
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ud2a: 1066
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    assembly ud2a    29
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    instruction ud2a    23
    gcc ud2a    22
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align|padding: 911
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    how to show that any hermitian traceless matrix can be written as sum of pauli matrices    16
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    liboff chapter 4 solutions    14
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git: 483
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    fatal: could not open ‘.git/commit_editmsg’: permission denied    12

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quantum|dirac: 346
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nm|bsymbolic: 308
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root|8200: 36
    8200 warden    25
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The rest (unsorted) : 2181

    kill segv    96
    partition different equation of entropy    62
    exponential rotation    60
    infinitesimal rotation    55
    bctrl powerpc    50
    the normalized wave functions for a particle confined to move on a circle    49
    antisymmetric tensor    46
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    area spanned by two vectors    38
    powerpc bctrl    37
    4d divergence theorem    34
    dumping examples    32
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    "stokes’ theorem" jacobian    30
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    area of parallelogram spanned by two vectors    24
    completely antisymmetric tensor    23
    memory ordering    23
    forced wave equation    22
    area of a parallelogram spanned by two vectors    22
    free particle propagator    22
    divergence theorem in 4d    22
    hermite polynomials recurrence relation    21
    center of mass laplacian    21
    program received signal sigusr1, user defined signal 1.    21
    angular momentum operator    21
    derivation of stokes theorem    21
    program received signal sigusr1    21
    integral of sinc squared    21
    set-location : a positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument    20
    time translation invariance    20
    strace attach sigcont tty    20
    stokes theorem tensor    20
    "kill -segv"    19
    spin probability    19
    forced harmonic oscillator solution    19
    hydrogen atom laguerre    19
    driven harmonic oscillator solution    18
    base address of an array in c    17
    newton’s method    17
    hermite polynomials recursion relation proof    17
    intellectualarchive    17
    position eigenstate    17
    hpux cpuinfo    17
    momentum operator harmonic oscillator    16
    hermite polynomial recurrence relation proof    16
    laguerre polynomials    16
    grep range    16
    dipole moment operator    16
    matrix exponential rotation    15
    toroidal segment    15
    antisymmetric tensor identities    15
    stokes theorem    15
    hermite polynomials recurrence relation proof    15
    intel instructions for mutual exclution    15
    newton’s method intersection    15
    area of parallelogram    15
    displacement operator    15
    program received signal sigusr1, user defined signal 1    15
    hp-ux cpu info    15    15
    scheduler locking    14
    special orthogonal group    14
    scotia itrade resp    14
    spherical neumann function    14
    modulus of rigidity    14
    dependent loads reordered    14
    bctrl instruction    14
    scotia etrade    14
    divergence theorem 4d    14
    stokes theorem in 4d    13
    latex vector    13
    is stokes ill-conditioned    13
    strain tensor spherical coordinates    13
    hydrogen atom lecture notes    13
    bond street collections complaints    12
    examples of dumping    12
    amd64 stack layout    12
    derive stokes theorem    12
    anti symmetric tensor    12
    angular momentum opperator hermitian    12
    intel memory ordering    12
    hermite polynomial recurrence relation    12
    bianchi identity maxwell’s equations    12
    a const_cast can only adjust type qualifiers; it cannot change the underlying type    12
    sinc integral    12
    area of a parallelogram    11
    total spin angular momentum    11
    hermite polynomials recursion relation    11
    kill segv pid    11
    toroid segment    11
    aix bctrl    11
    sqlowaiteduwaitpost    11
    pause sigcont    11
    time independent degenerate perturbation theory    11
    cauchy tetrahedron    11
    neumann function    11
    antisymmetric product    11
    laguerre polynomials hydrogen atom    11
    rotation exponential    11
    dmitrevsky    11
    similarity variable    11
    hp ux cpu info    11

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Having fun with empty cubicles: security check fail(s)

Posted by peeterjoot on August 6, 2013

I ended up at work today, not realizing that it was a day off.  The lab was pretty much deserted, which was the perfect opportunity for a couple of pranks.  I left a variation of the “security check fail” notifications that we get for leaving blank white paper, or other similar dangerous security threats.  In my opinion the only real security threats that we have are those of malicious insiders, and everything that we do to avoid other “threats” are basically useless.  Here’s my version of the security check form, as left on the desk of a coworker




The checkbox list on the real form is a little different than this one;)

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On the uselessness of airport search procedures.

Posted by peeterjoot on August 6, 2013

I blundered across this video of a “Miss USA”‘s upset at having been groped by TSA.  Choice quotes include “she touched my vagina, four times” and “are we going to get rectal exams at the airport?  Is that what’s next?”

It is darkly amusing that there is even a “choice” to opt out of the scanner.  You can “choose” to not be radiated, and go through a pat down instead.  To me, this seems like a very cleverly engineered distraction.  It doesn’t change the fact that pretty much all airport security is completely meaningless.  This choice lends validity to the whole procedure.  Very much like a “choice” between two political parties that will invariably behave exactly the same in most respects.

It’s very ironic that this bureaucratic search procedure is portrayed as something  that will help protect us from terrorists.  Sure, they will stop my ~70 year old mother from bringing her dangerous fingernail clippers on the plane, and ensures that I can’t bring dangerous “large” drinks onto the plane, but in reality, I’m confident that they are completely useless.

In any security situation, what is the biggest risk?  It’s the insider.   Here at IBM I could walk out of the lab with a USB key with all of the DB2 source code.  So could any student.  It’s only integrity of the insider that keeps any operation safe.  This has to be true for border and transport issues too.  If you wanted to get something illegal (or dangerous) onto a plane, you’d pay somebody off.  Would it really be that hard to find one an airport staffer, probably paid close to minimum wage, to help you get that material moved where you wanted in the airport.  I doubt it.  One of the reasons for that doubt is a story of friend I once had.

Eons ago when I was in high school, an old neighbor and childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in a number of years showed up at my house.  He’d had the bad luck to meet the daughter of a Toronto Chinese mafia kingpin at a dance club.  Once they started dating, he told me that he had no choice, he had to join, or he’d have been dead.  He desperately wanted to talk to somebody that was outside of his new mafia circles.  His new life was dangerous to say the least, and he told me about the Porsche chop shop that this mafia ran, how he’d been part of an armed robbery of a different mafia where they stole a few hundred thousand dollars of their counterfeit money, how condoms were used to smuggle just about anything in and out of jail in the anus, and more.   Relevant to airport searches, however, was one last story.  He told me how they could get whatever they wanted through the airports or international shipping ports.  This included weapons and counterfeit money.  How this was done was simple.  They just pay off the border and airport personnel.  They know exactly who to go to, because they’ve installed their people in the jobs, or know from other contacts who has been installed, bought, or threatened enough that they are a viable go-to-person for insider activity.  I haven’t seen my old neighbor since that day, and heard a rumor that he ended up in jail (again).  I hope he is still alive and hope he managed to extricate himself from the life of crime that he felt he’d been coerced into.

Are border officials still paid low incomes?  Can they still be blackmailed and threatened?  I doubt that’s changed much.

When it comes down to it, it’s my opinion that airport searches are a total scam.  They don’t improve safety, because they will only impede people that play by the rules.  I think that the actual desired effect of these searches is just to install fear in the population.  That fear makes us more compliant and more easily controllable.

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McGyvering a BBQ drip tray from a microwave

Posted by peeterjoot on August 4, 2013

When I attempted to clean my BBQ drip tray today, it basically disintegrated when I removed it:


It was being held together by not much except luck.  My search for sheet metal in the garage wasn’t successful, but I found and scavenged the casing from the microwave that conveniently died this week.  After my attack, this is what was left



I was careful to short the big giant capacitor, before leaving it exposed, but didn’t get any cool sparks.  From the casing, I needed a little bit more width than the top of the microwave’s width.  I cut a little lower than the bends at the corner, straightened my stock into a rectangle, and then, lacking a brake, bent things into the final configuration with an adjustable crescent wrench


This worked out well, and slides into place nicely


Inserted fully it looks like


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Creative ways to scare off telephone salespeople: the outraged husband, and the attempted terrorist negotiation

Posted by peeterjoot on August 2, 2013

There’s a telemarker “no-call-list” mechanism now in Ontario, but it’s no longer worthwhile to sign up for it.  After it was implemented, all the companies worked around it by outsourcing their cold calling to unfortunate telemarkers in India.  You can almost always recognize these, since there’s a long pause of silence when you pick up the phone, and eventually somebody with a heavy accent picks up.  Once they do, it’s time to play.


Air duct cleaners: the outraged husband response

By far the most common autodialer we used to get was from air duct cleaning companies.  Perhaps as much as once a day.  My response the last time that one called to sell me air duct cleaning was to pretend to be an outraged husband, who had just caught my wife in bed with the air duct cleaning man.  I told them after this that “I never wanted to see that truck again, and if I did I don’t know what I’ll do … don’t ever call back!”

My performance was actually really really bad, but I haven’t received a call for air duct cleaning since then.  I think I’ve been blacklisted.  Since then, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for another chance to play, but nobody has been trying to sell me anything.  I’ll I’ve been getting is pre-recorded “You’ve won a cruise” calls.


CAA: attempting a terrorist negotiation

After a long long wait, I finally got another sales call today.  This was from CAA, “Canadian Automobile Association”, who sell roadside assistance insurance.  They usually only pester by snail mail, and send me temporary CAA membership cards with a ten day expiry every month or two.

Once I heard the long pause of the autodialer, I waited patiently for the salesperson to pick up.  I expected somebody from India, but the salesman sounded like a North American.  Our conversation went something like this:

CAA: Hello, I’m calling from CAA, the Canadian Automobile Association.

Me: I’ve been waiting for your call.  Have you got my weapons?  I’ve got your anthrax.

CAA: <Confused pause>.  I’m calling from the CAA.

Me: Yes, CAA, the Counterinsurgency Association of the Americas?  I’ve got your anthrax.  Do you have my weapons?

CAA: I don’t understand, we sell roadside insurance policies.

Me: I’m not interested in roadside assistance.  I’m expecting a load of AK-47s.


This went on for a bit, and eventually he gave up.  I was actually very surprised about how cool and collected the salesman was.  I wonder if many people like playing similar games with them?

I’d rate my performance as spectacularly horrible.  The only part of the performance that I liked was how I was able to manufacture an alternate meaning for CAA on the spot without any hesitation.   While, I’m certainly not going to win any Oscar awards in my lifetime, if this doesn’t work to get myself blacklisted as a sales target for the CAA after this, I’m not sure what will.

What next?

I’m out of cool ideas for the next sales call.  One possibility is to sexually proposition the caller (regardless of sex), and provide a fake location where we could “get together”.

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