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Fun stuff on my “new” blog

Posted by peeterjoot on December 17, 2018

My new blog has been up and running now since 2014.

There’s a few things of possible interest there:

My own book:

Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers.

More course Notes:

These microwave notes are incomplet as I dropped the course, to concentrate on phy1610, Scientific Computing for Physicists which I was taking concurrently.  Two simultaneous courses was difficult on a part time schedule.

Redacted course notes:

The following course notes have problem set solutions, project related content if applicable, and links to some associated computer algebra notebooks (Matlab, Mathematica, Julia, …) all redacted.  For each of the courses below problem set solutions are replaced by CIA-style blackout marks;)

Feel free to contact me for the complete version (i.e. including my problem set solutions) of any of these notes, provided you are not asking because you are taking or planning to take this course.

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