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course notes (so far) for Fall 2012, UofT Modern Optics (PHY485H1F), taught by Prof. Joseph H. Thywissen

Posted by peeterjoot on October 17, 2012

The last couple of courses I took, I’d been blogging each days course notes, relatively close to when I took the lecture.

This takes a bit more work than just posting the pdf files since I have to run the latex sources through a script to convert it to a standalone (i.e. \newcommand free) form that also deals with some limitations in the scope of latex that wordpress allows (i.e. each $ … latex … $ expression has to be on a single line, and so forth). Figures also take work, although using the wordpress post by email method makes that a bit less painful.

This course, I’ve been putting each days lecture notes straight into this larger compilation.


I’ve reviewed a subset of these notes, part way into the diffraction chapter, so I’d expect the latter material on coherence to be somewhat incoherent.

Expect these notes to be riddled with spelling errors and the grammar of a software developer. There will surely be some errors and unoptimal latex too since the bulk of that content is done live in class, and not substantially altered after the fact. Figures are all hand drawn, very roughly and quickly, not much better than the scribbles made in class. For the portions of these notes that I’ve done my second review pass of, I’ll have attempted to fill in any holes that I personally required to understand the material. It should be noted that Professor Thywissen’s handwritten notes (provided to the class on the internal blackboard site) are much more comprehensive, but I’ve not done the secretarial and editorial task of trying to merge those with my class notes posted above.

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very deceptive indenting.

Posted by peeterjoot on October 16, 2012

Check out the following mismatched indenting (counting carefully if it doesn’t stand out obviously … it didn’t to me) :

#ifdef SQLUNIX
   #ifdef OSS_AIXPPC
      #ifdef OSS_ARCH_P64
         #define SQLO_SHR_OBJECT "(shr_64.o)"
         #define SQLO_SHR_OBJECT "(shr.o)"

The ending #endif was actually 550 lines away in the file!

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