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new version of Geometric Algebra compilation posted.

Posted by peeterjoot on May 18, 2014

Newest version in the same place.



– total rewrite of Stokes theorem content, grouping into new chapter.

– added an Index, and associated \index markup: the new stokes chapter is indexed, as well as \chapter and \section headings.


Other than the above, this version mostly has various bits of accumulated maintainance to the latex code, many of which were scripted:

– introduce use of \qedmarker instead of \quad\square

– Run filter: perl -p -i ~/bin/bracePurgeRef

>> had some older code that used (\eqnref) and (\cite). Strip out the braces (leave the formatting to the ref and cite macros used, and change those globally if desired).

– generate the \myTime command used in FrontBackmatter/Titleback.tex, FrontBackmatter/Titlepage.tex

(changed: make.rules & ~/bin/mkRevInfo)

– remove all Stokes theorem related content, pending a complete rewrite:


– changes to the implementation of definition, theorem, lemma, and example environments (much prettier boxed backgrounds.)

– Replace many











– Replace \hbar with \Hbar:


(some package is redefining hbar so that it appears typeset to close)

– use \eqnref instead of \ref

– spelling: indexes -> indices

– move figures to ../../figures/gabook/

(new submodule)

– replace text ‘figure \ref’ with \cref

– replace text ‘equation \ref’ with \eqnref. Equation \ref -> \Eqnref

– Add appendix chapter ‘Mathematica notebooks’

– replace \boxed{} and \myBoxed{} with \boxedEquation{}

– replace \myMathWithDescription -> \mathLabelBox

– prune some old RCS log file content.

– use \prod instead of \Pi

– split make.vars into make.bookvars and cleanup makefile accordingly.

– some introduction of \lr{} insteaad of \left( \right)

– use macros_bm.sty

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