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Archive for June, 2012 has promoted my engineering bachelors degree to a doctorate

Posted by peeterjoot on June 18, 2012

Here’s an amusing consequence of the SR paper I posted to arxiv on change of basis (I’d intended to try to see if this was publication worthy, but forgot about it).

I don’t have any intention of paying for publication, when the publisher offers no peer review, nor any mention that basic editing services would be provided. I’d be curious if you’d be able to write something that was complete garbage and have this publisher print it.

Your research: Change of basis and Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization in special relativity

 May 29, 2012 5:02 PMAdmin@IntellectualArchive.comActions
Dear Dr. Joot, 

We have found your research on and we were very impressed with your work.  

If your article "Change of basis and Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization in special relativity" has not yet been printed OR if you have another unpublished article of the same quality, then we would be happy to include it into May issue of the "Intellectual Archive" journal, which will be printed and distributed in June of 2012. 

In addition to the free "Intellectual Archive Bulletin", which contains abstracts for all the works submitted the previous month to our website, we also print and distribute the monthly "Intellectual Archive" journal. This journal includes FULL-TEXT ARTICLES in Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science, and is distributed to major scientific libraries across Canada and the US. 

The printing and distribution of the journal, with full-text articles, is not free. However, it is offered at a reasonable cost at only $19.99 for articles of fewer than 20 pages.

If your article, "Change of basis and Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization in special relativity", has not yet been printed (OR if you have another unpublished article of yours) and you want to publish it in the "Intellectual Archive" journal, then you may submit it for publication by visiting the web page . 

Please note, we do NOT require the exclusive copyright transfer for inclusion of your paper in the "Intellectual Archive" journal, which means that in addition to archiving and printing your article with us, you may still submit your article to any other online or offline publisher.

The deadline for the inclusion of your article into the "Intellectual Archive" journal is June 01, 2012. Please do not wait until the last moment to submit your article, due to limited space and other potentially unforeseeable reasons. 

If you need more information or if you have any questions regarding, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Mark Raynus
Editor of "Intellectual Archive"

P.S. Here are the some important libraries to which the "Intellectual Archive" journal will be distributed. 

The Library of Congress, USA

Harvard University Library, USA

Science Library, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Moffitt Library, University of California, Berkeley, USA

The Boston Public Library, USA

New York Public Library, USA

National Library of Canada, Canada

McGill University Library, Montreal, Canada

University of British Columbia Library,  Canada

Robarts Library, University of Toronto, Canada

Toronto Public Library, Canada

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future - please reply with the subject line "No emails". Thanks!

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updates to my old class notes from the 2011 phy450h1s (relativistic electrodynamics)

Posted by peeterjoot on June 2, 2012

I’ve made some minor updates to my old class notes from the 2011 phy450h1s (relativistic electrodynamics) course I took:

(I’ve switched this notes collection, as well as some others, to a better looking latex book template, one that I also used for my continuum mechanics class notes).  While making that change I also switched things from a chapter heading per lecture, to a couple more logical chapter headings, which makes things easier to navigate.

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