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First post of phy487 (Condensed Matter Physics) notes posted.

Posted by peeterjoot on October 4, 2013

I’ve posted a first (incomplete) draft of my lecture notes for the Winter 2013, University of Toronto Condensed Matter Physics course (PHY487H1F), taught by Prof. Stephen Julian.

Official course description:

“Introduction to the concepts used in the modern treatment of solids. The student is assumed to be familiar with elementary quantum mechanics. Topics include: bonding in solids, crystal structures, lattice vibrations, free electron model of metals, band structure, thermal properties, magnetism and superconductivity (time permitting).”

In this course there will be an attempt to cover

  • Bonding and crystal structure: Why solids form, describing periodic order mathematically, diffraction.
  • Lattice vibrations: .elementary excitation. of a periodic array of atoms (periodicity allows a 10 23 body problem to be solved).
  • Electrons in solids: Explaining this introduces a need for quantum mechanics.  Periodicity -> band structure -> insulators vs metals.
  • Electrical conduction in solids. (metals and semiconductors).

This document contains:

  • Plain old lecture notes. These mirror what was covered in class, possibly augmented with additional details.
  • Personal notes exploring details that were not clear to me from the lectures, or from the texts associated with the lecture material.
  • Assigned problems. Like anything else take these as is. I may or may not have gone back and corrected errors, and did not see the graded versions of the last two problem sets.
  • Some worked problems attempted as course prep, for fun, or for test preparation, or post test reflection.
  • Links to Mathematica workbooks associated with these notes.

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