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My first arxiv submission. Change of basis and Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization in special relativity

Posted by peeterjoot on April 29, 2011

Now that I have an academic email address I was able to make an arxiv submission (I’d tried previously and been auto-rejected) :

Change of basis and Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization in special relativity

This is based on a tutorial from our relativistic electrodynamics class, which covered non-internal relativistic systems. Combining what I learned from that with some concepts I learned from ‘Geometric Algebra for Physicists’ (particularly reciprocal frames) I was able to write up some notes that took those ideas plus basic linear algebra (the Graham-Schmidt procedure) and apply them to relativity and/or non-orthonormal Euclidean bases. How to do projections onto non-orthonormal Euclidean bases isn’t taught in Algebra I, but once you figure out that the same thing works for SR.

Will anybody read it? I don’t know … but I had fun writing it.

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