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Public service announcement: how to disable irritating flashing modal Lotus sametime chat windows.

Posted by peeterjoot on May 16, 2013

Lotus Notes/sametime has a spectacularly annoying default for their chat application that makes chat sessions modal by default.  Not only that, but they are both modal and flashing until you click on the window.

Somebody told me how to disable this brain dead “feature” on facebook, and I’m sharing it here.   You need to use File -> preferences -> sametime -> notifications, but once you are there what shows up is “Location awareness” :


You have to individually click on all the other options (like One-on-one) to actually disable the model and flashing nastiness.  For example:


Once this is done, then sametime windows hide in the background where they should be, until you actually get around to looking at them, if you ever choose to.

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