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Nuland’s recent state dept Ukraine speech

Posted by peeterjoot on February 21, 2014

Here is a presstv article, referring to a State department speech on Ukraine by Nuland.

In the spirit of Andrew Gavin Marshall’s podcasts, I would love to see a full translation of this speech into English from Statelish.  I imagine that the key to such a translation it would be along the following lines:

democratic state ; modern democratic government state subservient to the USA
free democracies democracies not subservient to the USA
return to economic health economics subservient to the USA
coordinated parallel high level diplomacy an active attempt to undermine existing government ; financing and manufacturing subversive and violent elements
a tough conversation with Yanacovich I showed him lots of the blackmail material we have collected on him.  Made him realize how short his life would be if he doesn’t cooperate.  Threatened military and financial warfare.
de-escalate the security situation step down so that we can install a puppet government, preferably one even more violent
get Ukraine back into a conversation with Europe and with the International Monetary Fund we will fuck you over if you take on debt that will allow Russia to control you instead of taking on our debt and controls
reforms that the IMF insists on are necessary for the long term economic health of the country we plan to fuck your kids and all their future progeny too
foreign investment needed US exploitation is strongly desired

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