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Political correctness crap in IBM HR circles

Posted by peeterjoot on November 12, 2013

Apparently IBM has fired so many people that they have invented (or started using) the term RA (Resource Action) instead of fired, used like so:

Bob was RAed.

There has been another round of RAs.

If you don’t want to be RAed, make sure your PBC (personal business committment) document is filled in and sounds good, since there’s a new earnings report due out tomorrow.

This is supposed to sound nicer, but I think it’s the opposite.  To me this sounds like the individual is now a resource, and is be moved around like an entry in some accounting table.  RA means that, unfortunately, they ended up in the delete column.  It’s very impersonal.  Perhaps this is just to make the firing manager feel better, since that manager cannot do anything about the firing quotas when they occur.

One Response to “Political correctness crap in IBM HR circles”

  1. rtalcott said

    HR people like to do this type of thing and my guess is that they either don’t want to do what they should be doing or they don’t know what that is. Actually I am not being fair to them…HR’s job is to protect senior management and allow them to do whatever crazy and potentially illegal things that they want to do. I have never seen any big company (or medium size company) HR people do anythign useful.

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