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Remembering cultural insanity and propagandization

Posted by peeterjoot on November 11, 2013

It’s Remembrance day, and we are once again barraged with the heroism of war and sacrifice


We get the cuddly manly shots of veterans posing on the field


these last two pictures taken from the Markham community paper, where we have our poor veteran Stan, who recalls the “guts blood and luck at Juno Beach” quoted

we got to the beach, and there were dead people all over … You didn’t stop to pick someone up to even [to sic] check if they were still alive.  You just kept moving, otherwise you would have been shot yourself.

I surely sympathize for Stan.  This is truly horrifying, and must have been traumatic.  It’s something that you’d want to forget, and would haunt you for the rest of your life.  However, our unfortunate Stan was sold a narrative.

We must fight the evil villain.


People are dying and it is our duty to protect.


Kids are doing their part


Women are doing their part


It is brave and honourable to do your part


Even the whisky makers are doing their part!


The list of selling points goes on and on.   “Be ashamed of your fear of death.  It’s the right thing to do. … “  It was a vicious and evil sales pitch.  This is a narrative that was backed by hordes of propaganda.

A lot of profit was made by this war.  This is true of all war.

In a sane world, what would we be remembering?  Follow the money.  We should remember those that profited from the war.  We should remember those that directly or indirectly sold armaments to both sides.  Most importantly, we should remember those that bankrolled the war on all sides.  Stan was not on the winning side.  He was on the loosing side.  The winning side resides in corporate and banking boardrooms.  This is what we need to remember whenever the drums of war start beating.

One Response to “Remembering cultural insanity and propagandization”

  1. rtalcott said

    Never gonna end until we extinct ourselves…too much money on the table and too many people believe all the nonsense…

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