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New kitchen closet organizer

Posted by peeterjoot on November 9, 2013

Our kitchen closet, by the backwards de-facto main entrance of our house, has been a horrible mess, not just because of Sofia’s seven (!) pairs of boots.  We’ve now built a little shoe rack that helps with that bit of the old chaos:


This has an adjustable shelf, but will probably remain fixed.  Even cooler is a little “nook” shelf along an odd little crevasse in the closet:


We’ve now all got a little shelf in there for gloves and hats.  These shelves are also all adjustable, but it may end up being a good distribution as is.  The view of the whole closet is now nice and tidy:



The rack that’s original from the house builder above is starting to fall down, and we’ll need to build something to replace it before too long.


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