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Markham parking bylaws

Posted by peeterjoot on November 4, 2013

In What is the justification for such a harsh and expensive bylaw?, I’d posted a letter to my Markham city councillor.  To my surprise, the response was both hopeful, and helpful:

I can sympathize with you on this as it’s also happened to me when I forgot to move my car into my driveway.  I recently had a meeting with the commissioner and By-Law manager to discuss the situation in Cornell as I’m not happy with the over zealous enforcement.   As a result of that meeting, the city is preparing a report for council to request funds to undertake a wholesome review of the parking situation right across the city. This will examine on street parking, permits and snow removal etc.  I expect a report back sometime in the spring.

While the above is too late for your current situation, I hope you intend to come over to the civic centre and request some relief from the parking adjudicator.  He works very day from noon until 4 pm and Thursday nights from 5-7pm as well.  Usually, you can get at least a 50% reduction.

I sincerely hope that we can get some improvements to the overall situation sometime next year and I ask for your patience while we work on it.

We see bureaucracy at work in full force here, with a report required to make a report.  However, perhaps on review, there will be a decision for less parking extortion in Markham.  I’m not holding my breath, since this form of indirect taxation is probably a nice cash cow.

The suggestion to see the parking adjudicator was a good one, and I was immediately able to get a 50% reduction, seemingly just for showing up and objecting.  It’s not obvious that this would have been an action I could take, since the ticket enumerated only two options: 1) pay, or 2) request a trial date.

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