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Air duct cleaning telemarkers. They don’t service tents.

Posted by peeterjoot on September 6, 2013

“Hi, this is Ali from … air duct cleaning services [long pitch].  Do you live in a house that is under 2000 square feet?”

“Yes, I live in a tent.  It is under 2000 square feet.”

“Under 2000 square feet.  Okay.”

“Yes, I live in a tent, it is definitely under 2000 square feet.”

“A tent?” [confused silence]

“Yes, a tent.  It is a nylon structure with a base that you can put a sleeping bag on.” [stated matter of fact in perfect seriousness]

[more confused silence].

“I’m sorry.  Thank you.”

He said something after this that sounded like he may have the phone number mixed up.  Perhaps I’ll get off this calling list.

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