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Having fun with empty cubicles: security check fail(s)

Posted by peeterjoot on August 6, 2013

I ended up at work today, not realizing that it was a day off.  The lab was pretty much deserted, which was the perfect opportunity for a couple of pranks.  I left a variation of the “security check fail” notifications that we get for leaving blank white paper, or other similar dangerous security threats.  In my opinion the only real security threats that we have are those of malicious insiders, and everything that we do to avoid other “threats” are basically useless.  Here’s my version of the security check form, as left on the desk of a coworker




The checkbox list on the real form is a little different than this one;)

4 Responses to “Having fun with empty cubicles: security check fail(s)”

  1. Oh, and is there such a thing as “strictly IBM produced pornography” which is allowed to consume?(!)

  2. Hamdi said

    Ha ! Do you mind if I borrow this ; – ) Indeed a great prank !

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