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McGyvering a BBQ drip tray from a microwave

Posted by peeterjoot on August 4, 2013

When I attempted to clean my BBQ drip tray today, it basically disintegrated when I removed it:


It was being held together by not much except luck.  My search for sheet metal in the garage wasn’t successful, but I found and scavenged the casing from the microwave that conveniently died this week.  After my attack, this is what was left



I was careful to short the big giant capacitor, before leaving it exposed, but didn’t get any cool sparks.  From the casing, I needed a little bit more width than the top of the microwave’s width.  I cut a little lower than the bends at the corner, straightened my stock into a rectangle, and then, lacking a brake, bent things into the final configuration with an adjustable crescent wrench


This worked out well, and slides into place nicely


Inserted fully it looks like



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