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A disgusting example of war propaganda in Tuesday’s Toronto Star

Posted by peeterjoot on June 6, 2013

For some reason, a paper copy of the Tues-June-4-2013 of the Toronto Star, came home by way of the public school system yesterday  with the grade one member of the household.  It contained the following vile statement, penned by Mitch Potter:

But Manning grew disillusioned in late 2009 in the wake of an attack that caused Iraqi casualties without costing American lives

Why do I call this statement vile?  Why did reading this turn my stomach?  Why did this disturb me so much that I spent the last few hours of my attempt to sleep last night tossing and turning?

The use of “disillusioned” describes an event (or events) shocking severe enough that Manning risked his career, his liberty, and perhaps even his life to bring it to light.  Specifically, he had seen the video now known as “Collateral Murder”, and the subsequent coverup of the incident.  This coverup was made eventually made available by wikileaks.  This is a video record of the one incident where civilians were slaughtered because somebody perceived that they were armed with and firing AK47’s and RPGs.

The spin imposed by Potter in this article is mind boggling.  He apparently desired a way to show the whistleblowing of Manning in a negative light.  A statement like “Iraqi casualties without costing American lives” does just that.  It is anonymous enough that somebody who didn’t know what he was talking about might imagine that there had been some sort of glorious battle where the American military showed valour and skill, and managed to beat the enemy without any injury to themselves.

The problem is this.  The US Iraq invasion force has been sent in with loaded weapons, they’ve been indoctrinated to imagine they are fighting an enemy, so they see and find and create enemies that do not exist.  This is inevitable.  This is the crime of war.

There was a man carrying a camera.  Later pentagon inquiry found that there was an RPG with these men, but I’d trust that claim no further than I could spit.

A camera could be a dangerous weapon in this day and age where media manufactures the stories that support their preconceived ideas and agendas.  It could be used to show that war is nothing more than viscous profiteering.  There has been little use of cameras for this purpose in North American mainstream media.

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