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reorganization of PHY356 (Quantum I) notes.

Posted by peeterjoot on December 22, 2012

Looking for something in my old notes while studying for my optics exam, I found that my old phy356 notes were very disorganized.  That was my first attempt to compile my class notes into a bookish unit, and it was not done terribly well.  Here’s a reorganized version:

The new structure is

Basic formalism

  •    Dirac Adjoint notes
  •    Lecture notes: Review
  •    Problems

Commutator and time evolution

  •    Rotations using matrix exponentials
  •    On commutation of exponentials
  •    Desai Chapter II notes
  •    Unitary exponential sandwich
  •    Lecture notes: Review
  •    Problems

Dynamical equations

  •    Problems

Free particles

  •    Notes for Desai chapter IV
  •    Lecture notes: Review
  •    Problems

Spin 1/2

  •    Lecture notes: Review
  •    Lecture: Orbital and Intrinsic Momentum
  •    Problems

Gauge invariance, angular momentum and spin

  •    Interaction with orbital angular momentum


  •    Lecture: Stern Gerlach

Lecture: Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics

Bound state problems

  •    Hydrogen like atom, and Laguerre polynomials
  •    Lecture: Bound-state problems
  •    Lecture: Hydrogen atom
  •    Problems

Harmonic oscillator

  •    Lecture: Harmonic oscillator
  •    Problems

Coherent states

  •    interaction with a electric field

Rotations and angular momentum

  •    Lecture: Rotations and Angular Momentum
  •    Notes for Desai Chapter 26

Exam prep and review

  •    Questions from the Dec 2007 PHY355H1F exam
  •    Questions from the Dec 2008 PHY355H1F exam
  •    A problem on spherical harmonics (2010 final exam reflection)



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