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Where to find your db2dump directory for a DB2 Windows instance?

Posted by peeterjoot on February 22, 2012

On UNIX there’s a one to one mapping between instance owner userid and the path to the diaglog, and unless you’ve redirected it, you’ll find it in ~/sqllib/db2dump/. Here’s a reminder for myself of the magic required to find your db2diag.log file in a Windows instance:

E:\> db2set db2instprof

E:\> cd /d C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\db2build\

C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\db2build> db2ilist DB2

C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\db2build> cd db2

C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\db2build\DB2> dir *log
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 8E04-1BBB

 Directory of C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\db2build\DB2

02/22/2012  03:54 PM            10,555 db2diag.log
02/22/2012  03:54 PM             1,424 db2resync.log

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