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Mathematica stack exchange site has been proposed and requires committers.

Posted by peeterjoot on January 3, 2012

As a new and clueless Mathematica user, I’ve posted a few Mathematica questions to stackoverflow, and was very pleased with the answers I was given:

Initially I’d actually been quite suprised that there was a Mathematica tag or active Mathematica users on stackoverflow.

There’s now a possibility of a dedicated Mathematica stack exchange site, which I think is something that would end up with more users than the stackoverflow Mathematica userbase. How many people have honed their Mathematica skills to the point that they could consider their notebook based work programming (at which point a post to stackoverflow would seem more reasonable)?

For the Mathematica stack exchange site to go into a beta phase, more people would have to commit to the proposal, so if you’d also find this to be of value, please go ahead and commit too.


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