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Some thoughts and questions about new plans for CIA actions in Yemen.

Posted by peeterjoot on June 15, 2011

The undeclared US war on Yemen started with the pretense of liberating the country from a tyrannical dictator. Deja-vu
anybody? Sounds like Iraq all over again.

My immediate question upon hearing this, is wondering who has been financing this dictator and supplying weapons to his armies and police forces. Given the geography I’m sure oil revenue is part of it, but I’d not be the least surprised if US provided weapons and weapons training had also been involved, nor would I be surprised if US money was also tossed into the pot.

It also seems to me that the military-industrial-political complex of the US appears to always drive at least one overt active war with at least one country at any given time. What was the longest interval in the last 60 years that the US was not actively running some sort of war campaign?

With congressional pressure to end the Yemen bombings that have gone on longer than the 60 day maximum time interval allowed by US law without an explicit declaration of war (and congressional financing thereof) we now hear that the CIA will continue the mantle of Yemen bombings under the guise of Al-Queda and counter terrorist efforts. This seems to me a direct confirmation that the initial bombing in Yemen under the guise of eliminating a dictator, was nothing more than an excuse. With the Afgan and Iraq wars both unsuccessful and unpopular (unless military spending is the metric for success), Yemen’s leadership provided a good excuse for another war. However, since it is an undeclared war, it looks like it now has to go covert to be maintained.

It amazes me how the political and media puppets of the military industry can convince enough people that violent action against believed terrorists has any benefit. It certainly has benefit to weapons manufacturers and other war profiteers, since this violent action creates both the both the US terrorism and the stereotypical terrorism that they require to continue their business.

EDIT: foot in mouth
I need a serious geography lesson. I can’t keep the US wars straight in my mind, and appear to have gotten Yemen mixed up with Libya. Yemen sounds like it’s just a covert war right now, whereas Libya is the one that is being waged without congressional approval. To add to the confusion is the talk that Syria is the next US war.


One Response to “Some thoughts and questions about new plans for CIA actions in Yemen.”

  1. ateixeira said

    Not a geography lesson but a geopolitical lesson. Yemen is the country that has daily drone attacks by the USA that routinely kill and injure civilians. There is nothing covert in this by now (last year/two years ago you might have called it covert, but not now). As a side note one of the cables released on wikileaks’ cablegate showed that Yemen’s monarch allowed (incited might be a better term) these drone attacks and said that when the bombs would rain and kill civilians he’d tell his people that it was Yemeni planes searching for AlQaeda operatives.

    Lybia is a very messy state of affairs but you are right in saying that this is an oil driven issue: the countries that are carrying out the NATO attacks on Libya (attacks that are targetting vital infrastructure, media outlets and of course killing countless civilians ) are the ones that two or three years ago were complimenting Gaddafi and “partying” with him.

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