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Just Energy cancellation. Finally!

Posted by peeterjoot on April 29, 2011

I’d blogged previously about my objection to the Just Energy contract that I’d unknowningly ended up with:

Finally my complaint to the Ontario Energy Board about this paid off, and I’ve got the cancellation that I should have just been given straight up in the first place (in my opinion).  Both Just Energy and Enbridge gas sent me notifications that Just Energy will no longer be my “supplier”.

It was interesting to see that the attempts of this company to perpetuate the scam did not end with the initial Ontario Energy Board complaint.  They contacted me once they received the complaint, basically told me that I had no other option than to take their inflated rate “market rate program” (where they charge a bit more than market value for the supply cost and add surcharges to that).  This was better than their extortion rate cancellation fees, and better than  their extortion rate fixed rate fees, so I accepted that, but told them straight up that I was being coerced into doing so, and that the ethical and reasonable thing to do would be to just cancel the contract that I considered invalid.  I also told them that I’d be following up with the OEB about this.

When I did talk to somebody in the OEB it turned out that Just Energy claimed that they’d settled the matter with me, and that I was happy with the resolution!  The complaint went to a higher level OEB representitive for the conflict resolution with gas suppliers.  I hadn’t heard anything from them about this since, but they quietly worked away on this in the background and it’s now deal with.  My thanks to the OEB!

2 Responses to “Just Energy cancellation. Finally!”

  1. AB said

    The only way I was able to get out of their insane 5-year contract and unfair pricing was to ‘move’ to a location where they can’t provide their service. IOW: The US.
    If you do the math and consider the price of electricity/gas over the past 5 years, it NEVER makes sense to sign-up with any of these fixed-price energy providers. After all, their main purpose is to make money first and make you think you are going to save money if you sign-up with them. Well, at least you got it resolved. Congrats!

  2. brooklyn06 said

    I totally agree with you, I was on a buget plan with my provider AEP in ohio, Just Energy promised to provide me with cheaper Electric, I told them I was on a buget plan with AEP due to my financial situation, NO PROBLEM>>HA..My bill went from:135-to.557!I called and cancelled, aep says they have no record, I called just energy they said: they did, I said; WHEN? Oh, I cant give u that.Please if anyone reads this dont give them your info, the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true! IT usually is! THANKS MICHELE

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