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Just Energy contract complaints going nowhere.

Posted by peeterjoot on January 4, 2011

Sigh.  My attempt to get my Just Energy contract eliminated are going in circles.  I recieved the following reply today:

“Just Energy Ontario L.P. (“Just Energy”) has received your new
account/address information which has been forwarded to the appropriate
department for processing. This process should take approximately 90 – 150
days for the Price Protection Program to start at your current address.

All collections activity has been placed on hold as the reinstatement is
being processed and the Exit Fee can be reversed once the account has been
successfully reinstated.”

My reply:

That’s not the point.  I’d already arranged this, and nothing more needed to be done.

What could possibly justify a cancellation fee of ~$450 when I’d been a customer since 2001?

Your business practice of sending the account to collections with no or minimal attempt at contact is a pressure tactic worthy of a mob organization.

Since I have accepted your floating rate, it will not cost me anything more to use your company instead of the default utility gas distribution service.  However, I do not want to be your customer out of principle, due to your handling of this matter.

What I feel you ought to do is simply cancel this account with no fee and with no attempt to coerce me into continued use of your company.

Unless you do so, it is my intent to make your business practices known to the best of my ability.  This will include passive techniques such as blogging, responding to other web content on your company, direct techniques such as contacting the media, and continued correspondence with the Ontario Energy Board.  Ideally, this will lead to joint legal action here in Ontario similar to the Chicago Attorney General Lisa Madigan filing.


4 Responses to “Just Energy contract complaints going nowhere.”

  1. peeterjoot said

    It was the lack of information that originally motivated me to not renew. There was never any information to let us know that we were saving money. Nothing in 5 years. So it came as a rude surprise to have the notification of renewal be in the form of a collection agency letter demanding payment within a short period of time or else court proceedings would be initiated.

    It took a month and a half to get from them a confirmation that we did have a non-expired contract (ie: a signed renewal form that my ex-wife had signed without remembering). They probably caught her in the middle of preparing dinner. Unfortunately I don’t have any idea what the door to door salesman who obtained her signature for renewal said to get it.

    It would be interesting to go downtown and look up the financials and incorporation information for the collection agency this company uses. I wonder if the ownership of that is related to Just Energy. Are they co-located in common facilities? It’s my suspicion that they do not send any sort of letter of contract continuation as they claim to before sending to collections. It would be consistent with my experience if collections is a branch of their own company, and used to obscure their attempt to get the contract reinstated under the new location after a move. They surely work closely with their collections company, since the calls from them stop immediately after contacting Just Energy.

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  3. Tom Houston said

    I just had a conversation with Nerpapia at Just Energy in Mississuaga Ontario. I new my contract was up and I called to cancel. She looked up my Date and she said it expired 2015. I said how has this date gone from 2012 to 12015. She said somebody called you and increased your contract. I said no one called me and this is an out right lie because I have documentation proving that I was disatisfied and wanted to cancel with them. She said that they would review this and call me within 3 to 7 days. I told her this was unacceptable and that I wanted to talk to her boss she said he will say the same thing.I said where are you I want to talk to someone face to face to show them my information. She gave me the address and I said who can I talk to there she said they wont talk about this. I said what is the sence in going there. Gentlemen it looks like I am being scammed Perhaps just energy should go back to Texas where they came from this is not how we do business in Canada


    • peeterjoot said

      I strongly suggest making an official complaint with the Ontario Energy Board. That was the key to getting my contract cancelled (although having contacting a member of the press that had published a newspaper article on Ontario Just Energy also worked in my favour to help expedite things)

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