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The kids newest stop motion animation project. Technical difficulties with the new Windows (Live) Movie maker.

Posted by peeterjoot on December 30, 2010

Lance and Aurora, this time in collaboration with Rachel have produced a new stop motion animation (the volume is really quiet since they weren’t standing close enough to the mic whereever it is on the new computer). Some of the older creations are available here.

This is a fun sort of project for the kids, since they can produce it quickly, and always enjoy the end result. This time the post production was done with Windows Live Movie Maker instead of the old Windows Movie Maker (which doesn’t come with windows 7).

I think they’ve tried to make the user interface simpler, but if that’s the case, they’ve gone too far. Basic options like setting the frame rate aren’t available under any sort of global options that I can find. If you go to the edit tab immediately after importing the pictures, you can set the frame rate by changing the duration, but if you don’t like your pick there’s no option to change it globally, and you have to do it frame by frame. It ends up being faster just to close the project and start over.

I also seem to recall that you could record the sound directly in movie maker before, and now you have to use sound recorder and import it. I also can’t seem to find the timeline view in the new version of movie maker, so it’s hard to get the voice and the picture synced up. If somebody knows how to do this I’d be interested to know.

I also wasn’t able to hike up the volume for the attached sound. It was already at max and wouldn’t go louder on the volume slider for some reason.

Perhaps there’s a better free animation alternative to the new movie maker. Given that the kids seem to want to do this only once every couple years, it would have to be easy enough to use that lots of time investment to learn how to use it wouldn’t be required.


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