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Believed to be typos in Desai’s QM Text

Posted by peeterjoot on November 19, 2010

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Vatche says that the root cause of what I’ve identified as a typo is in some cases incorrect, and that he’s going through the text carefully himself too.

Chapter I.

\item Page 7. Text before (1.43). \alpha instead of a used.
\item Page 19. Equation (1.122). \daggers omitted after first equality.

Chapter II.

\item Page 40. Text before (2.137). Reference to equation (2.133) should be (2.135)
\item Page 53. Is the “Also show that” here correct? I get a different answer.

Chapter III.

\item Page 61. Equation (3.51). 1/\hbar missing.
\item Page 66. Equation (3.92). -(d/dt {\langle {\alpha} \rvert}) {\lvert {\alpha} \rangle} should be +{\lvert {\alpha} \rangle} d/dt {\langle {\alpha} \rvert}.
\item Page 66. Equation (3.93). H on wrong side of {\langle {\alpha} \rvert}

Chapter IV.

\item Page 81. Equation (4.52). Should be -2\alpha in the exponent.
\item Page 82. Equation (4.67). 2\alpha in the denominator of the normalization should be \alpha'/\pi.
\item Page 83. Equation (4.74). A normalized wave function isn’t required for the discussion, but if that was intended, a 1/\sqrt{2\pi} factor is missing.
\item Page 86. Equation (4.99). Extra brace in the exponent.
\item Page 87. Equation (4.106). Extra brace in the exponent.
\item Page 89. Equation (4.129), (4.130). \lambda - m^2/... should be \lambda + ...
\item Page 93. Equation (4.169). conjugation missing for Y_{lm}. Y_{l'm'} is missing prime on the l index.
\item Page 95. Second line of text. Language choice? “We now implement”. perhaps utilize would be better?
\item Page 95. Text before (4.193). i is in bold.
\item Page 96. Text before (4.196). i is in bold.
\item Page 97. (4.205). i is in bold.
\item Page 97. (4.207-209). \mathbf{i}, and \mathbf{j}s aren’t in bold like \mathbf{k}
\item Page 101. (4.239-240). The approach here is unclear. FIXME: incorporate lecture notes from class that did this using braket notation.
\item Page 102. (4.248-249). Commas missing to separate l, and m\pm 1 in the kets.

Chapter V.

\item Page 113. (5.86). One \sigma isn’t in bold.
\item Page 114. (5.100). \chi is in bold.
\item Page 115. Text before (5.106). \alpha in bold.
\item Page 118. Switch of notation in problem 5 for ensemble averages. [S_i] used instead of \left\langle{{S_i}}\right\rangle_{\text{av}}.

Chapter VI.

\item Page 120. \phi in bold. A not in bold.
\item Page 123. (6.26). 1/i \hbar factor missing on RHS.
\item Page 124. Text before (6.37). You say canonical momenta P_k, but call these mechanical momenta on prev page.
\item Page 125. (6.41). Some \psis are in bold.
\item Page 126. (6.49). There’s no mention that \mathbf{B} is constant, leaving it unclear how the gauge condition and how the curl of \mathbf{A} reproduces \mathbf{B}. This would also help clarify how you are able to write \boldsymbol{\mu} \cdot \mathbf{B} = \mathbf{B} \cdot \boldsymbol{\mu}.
\item Page 128. (6.65). \boldsymbol{\mu} \cdot \mathbf{L} should be \boldsymbol{\mu} \cdot \mathbf{B}.
\item Page 129. (6.75). \boldsymbol{\mu} \cdot \mathbf{L} should be \boldsymbol{\mu} \cdot \mathbf{B}.


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