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Basement electrical progress.

Posted by peeterjoot on July 18, 2010

(a march post from my to-be-deleted entropy blog)

Today I got the outlets in the basement hooked up, so I can finally put away the extension cord that I’ve got the lamp on.  This was an easy job since I had the breaker installed already, and it was just hooking up the outlets themselves

IMG_2479 (Small)

There’s a coax and cat5 cable in the wall there too, and I’ll have to hook that up too, or perhaps just put a cover plate on it.

I’ve also figured out what all my rough in wiring for the lights was once again.  It’s been a long time since I did that rough in work, so it was a bit of a detective job, but wasn’t too hard.

IMG_2477 (Small) 

IMG_2476 (Small)


IMG_2478 (Small)

This time I labeled things like I should have originally.  The ceiling lights in the corridor here are all pretty simple.  Four in series, and I’ve figured out what wire goes to them as supply from the switch.  I’ve got two rough in wires to the dark part of the basement on the left that I had originally intended to put on dimmers.  I don’t know yet what I’ll end up doing with those, if anything.

I also got two of the ceiling lights hooked up.  This is the one for the nook, before I stuffed it all back in the hole.  Notice the white to black connection.  This is because of the Ontario electrical code convention (perhaps a convention elsewhere too), where “white is hot at the switch”.  The idea must be, that when the light switch is on, the black that comes back to the light, is still the “hot”.

IMG_2480 (Small)

Once the nook light and outlet and switch were all hooked up, this is what it looked like.  Once I’ve cleaned up, I’ll put the freezer in there like we originally intended.


IMG_2481 (Small)

The one other light that I hooked up today is the one on the stairwell switch, that you see as soon as you come down the stairs.  What we used to see coming down the stairs was an ugly yellow electrical box nailed to the ceiling, with a simple light screwed directly into it.  Recently it’s been even worse looking since I had the same box suspended in the air from the wires as a temporary light while I got the ceiling in place.  Now that the ceiling is done (and painted even), this nice little light recessed fixture replaces the old temporary construction-look.

IMG_2486 (Small)


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