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Refocusing my blog. No more personal entropy.

Posted by peeterjoot on February 23, 2010

The two or three people that read this blog may have noticed that it has degenerated into a mess of bad poetry and strange bits of writing, recipes, and even a flammable posts commenting on how graphic porn has gotten since last purchasing a such a mag over 15 years ago (that post I deleted since the masturbatory references so close to all the math and physics was just too strange).

The reasons for this sudden deviation from my old weird blogging norm of perl, math, and physics, is that after 11 years, my marriage suddenly and unexpectedly dissolved. Things are all very confused right now, but I’ll eventually get my life under control again.

I’m going to restore this blog to its old norm of obscurity, and when or if I do feel inclined to post personal entropy I’ll do it on the blogger blog I’d created once and never really used (since it didn’t handle math typesetting in a natural way like on wordpress).

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