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Birthday presents from Krista and Karin!

Posted by peeterjoot on December 11, 2009

I’d given my sisters a link to an amazon wishlist and they went crazy buying most of the stuff on it for me. Here’s a pic:

Birthday books

The books are:

  • Lectures on Quantum Mechanics by P. A. M. Dirac
  • Feynman’s Thesis: A New Approach to Quantum Theory by Richard P. Feynman
  • Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles by David Lovelock
  • Handbook of Mathematical Functions: with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables by Milton Abramowitz (Editor), Irene A. Stegun (Editor)
  • A Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism – Volume Two – Illustrated by James Clerk Maxwell (Author)
  • Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 1 by James Clerk Maxwell, Kathleen Maxwell
  • Electrodynamics​ (Vol. 1 of Pauli Lectures on Physics) (Pauli Lectures on Physics, Volume 1) by Wolfgang Pauli
  • The LaTeX Web Companion: Integrating TeX, HTML, and XML by Michel Goossens

I expected a handful of these, but they bought most of the stuff on the list, and even paid new prices.  I’m a cheap bastard and wouldn’t have paid new-price for that latex book which was going for $2 used.

I’d estimate that this is years of reading, without even taking into account the books I’m working on now.

What should I start with?

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