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Software Developer spotted on 8200 Warden property

Posted by peeterjoot on December 7, 2009


A developer has been spotted on the 8200 Warden property. Although they are far from being domesticated, developers could display little fear of humans. These animals are most active from dusk to dawn. Please do not attempt to approach them or attempt to feed them.

If you encounter a bold or aggressive developer, act aggressively by yelling and waving your arms. If you do see a developer, please contact IBM Security immediately at 905-413-3523 or by pushing the button at one of the exterior duress stations to speak with security.

As a reminder, if you are working after hours and would like a security escort to your car for any reason, you may request one at the main security desk in Y1.

3 Responses to “Software Developer spotted on 8200 Warden property”

  1. Jaan Joot said

    Hi Peeter,

    Quite a chuckle !!!!

    Is the picture of one of your co-workers ?


    • peeterjoot said

      No. I did a Google image search on software developer to replace the “coyote” picture in the original email from IBM Security. This one looked sufficiently geeky to be representative of our breed … no offense to the anonymous developer;)

  2. […] root|8200: 36     8200 warden    25     peeter joot root shell    11 […]

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