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math blogging without align*/align/&= ?

Posted by peeterjoot on July 4, 2009

As I learn things I keep posting my notes in little latex generated .pdfs on my website Peeter Joot’s math and physics play. This is a very blog like activity, and it would be natural to actually do this in a blog.

Eli does a nice job of something like this with his blog:

but this appears to be a very labour intensive exercise. There is no natural support for latex in wordpress on the other hand has some reasonable latex support, but I’ll be damned if I can get multiline equations to work in wordpress. I’m curious how anybody else can live with this restriction. If it weren’t for that, scripting the conversion of a latex file to blog content wouldn’t be too hard. I cooked up something that almost does the job (a small perl script) but lack of multiline support defeats this.

EDIT: turns out that while the alignment marks like &= don’t work, \\ does, so you can still do multiline stuff in wordpress … it just doesn’t look as good as in standalone latex.


4 Responses to “math blogging without align*/align/&= ?”

  1. watchmath said

    On wordpress you can use aligned instead of align or align*. Here is an example

  2. peeterjoot said

    cool. thanks watchmath.

  3. watchmath said

    No problem :).
    If you have a lot of math equations with numbering you should check this latex to wordpress converter:

    Terry Tao use this converter to write his blog here:

  4. peeterjoot said

    Too bad I didn’t know about that one before I wrote my latex to wordpress perl script.

    EDIT: I didn’t totally waste my time. My script does the bibliographies and I can understand it enough to modify (unlike stuff written in that monstrous python language;)

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