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Gas prices don’t hurt me today:)

Posted by peeterjoot on March 31, 2009

Filled up the tank on my little cbr125 for the first time this season. It cost me a grand total of $4.51 … I’ll probably have to write my self a check from the line of credit account to cover the bill!

I wanted to let as much of the gas with the fuel stabilizer from this last winterization drain out, so I I’ve been holding off the fill up to let as much as possible of this tank drain out. Now that I finally filled up on a close to empty tank, my little bike is running so much better. It really hums along so much better on a full tank.

I’ve noticed that I tense up a lot while I’m riding, and wonder if this explains the knots in my back that I had last summer. As much as I like my commute on the bike, traffic plus manual gear shifting still appears to stress me out somewhat. Tommorrow I think I’ll have to take the scenic route to work. Taking that extra 3 minutes to go North is so worth it, but I haven’t done it yet this year, perhaps because it’s still rather cold. Honestly it is still colder than it is comfortable to be out in, especially with my crappy but warm GM cavalier sitting at home in the driveway, when I’m out on the bike.

Last week riding home from a downtown visit of my Dad and grandmother I swore I was going to freeze. Each time I came to a stop, my teeth were chattering, and my hands were numb feeling by the time I got home … and that’s with a sweater, my heavy (lined) leather coat, a dicky, my warm gloves, jeans and pull over motorcycle pants. Once that Sun went down it wasn’t good weather to be going more than 40kmh.


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